Custom Web Development

Advanced web development services through leading-edge technology and world-class practices that increase site traffic and user engagement.

Web Applications

A great visual view of your site is not sufficient without a solid back-end management system. With an impeccable combination of advanced top-notch programming skills and computing power of complex software, we can build custom web applications which are exactly tailored to meet your unique business challenges. Our developers have successfully built many enterprise-level products such as customer-oriented business apps for different industries and businesses. Through the years, we have improved workflows and processes to deliver reliable products albeit their complexity. Our scrum methodology has proven successful and allowed us to build successful digital projects for important brands like Pepsi, Kinder, Maserati, Garmin, Gatorade, BIC etc., using best-in-class frameworks and technologies. Our interactive, dynamic web applications bring together all the significant user-friendly functionality to help you reach out much faster to a significantly larger customer base while providing a stunning user experience.

Fully Custom E-commerce & Marketplace Solutions

Statistics show that in 2017, the number of retail e-commerce sales worldwide reached 2.3 trillion US dollars, and the amount is expected to increase by 108% by 2021. We have developed several large custom e-commerce solutions as well as tools or plug-ins to be integrated with existing e-commerce websites. In addition, we have gone way further: built custom enterprise marketplaces for multichannel B2B/B2C sales. This is done by fully integrating multiple third-party vendors with the company’s internal software allowing thus a fully automated and fluid business process. Our result-driven developers bring technical expertise and creative ideas to build high-performing online-shopping websites that are easy -to navigate, conversion-oriented, and increase up-selling opportunities. We deploy the most innovative systems that offer great management possibilities of all aspects of product cataloging and order completion. E-commerce sites revolutionized the way we do shopping, and businesses can't afford to miss this opportunity. We can help you build your online store and bring you closer to your customers.

SaaS Product Development

Our development team has experience in building state-of-the-art cloud based applications that allow your clients to access them over internet as a service at cost that is usually a monthly fee. Our development pipeline consists of designing, development, testing & debugging, system integration and future maintenance. Our solutions are modular and easily scalable. We develop on-demand, scalable, and end-to-end SaaS solutions using agile methodologies and world-class technologies. With high performing, efficient SaaS applications, we build the most secure platforms to keep your business data safe and offer enjoyable experiences.

ERP systems

We would be happy to help you build tailored ERP management modules for your business to increase efficiency in areas like marketing and sales, human resources, inventory, distribution, manufacturing, purchasing, analytics etc. We do this by analyzing the needs of your organization, solve functional issues, build or improve databases, write clean code, test and debug the software and keep maintain constant communication. We offer advanced ERP systems with fully integrated industry specific functionalities that help organization employees streamline processes, find accurate information that enables higher productivity, and help companies become effective, flexible, and successful.

Portals and CMS

Managing site content is much easier now, thanks to the advancend Content Management System platforms available like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. We have an extensive experience in custom enterprise portal development and content management systems (CMS). We can provide guidance and design, modular architecture design, modern user experience, intuitive content management, efficient workflow and customization that deliver a reliable, robust, efficient, and scalable final product. Our CMS or web portal solutions offer robust opportunities for organizing, storing, and managing content effectively. With our feature-packed systems and thanks to the extensive experience of our developers, we can help plan a successful content marketing campaign and track every aspect of its lifecycle with ease. Our professional team excels in designing fully functional and high-performing websites using platforms that allow you to edit, add, or remove content. We provide fully website design and development using CMS’s like: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.