Ermir Papadhimitri


A born entrepreneur and engineer at the same time, his list of credentials is lengthy, and his accomplishments are immense. After graduating in Electronic Engineering at the University of Bologna in 2010, he moved back in Albania where he spent three years working as a lecturer at the Epoka University and at Vodafone Albania. Academic and corporate experience during this time resulted to be crucial for the next step he took: invest in the web industry by founding ATIS in 2013. Ermir is the perfect example of what happens when talent merges with creativity, and when you know what the World Wide Web hides.  This way ATIS was born: a dynamic web development factory that offers a full range of custom business web application development services and web system integration solutions internationally. A successful executive with proven expertise and an outside-the-box mindset, he has managed to create a unique company culture and a respectful workplace that enlists, empowers, and encourages employees to achieve great objectives.


Thoma Papadhimitri


Graduated from Bologna University in Italy in 2009 (with highest honors) in Electronic Engineering, he later obtained a PhD in 2014 in computer science from Bern University in Switzerland. During this time he published at top conferences and journals of Computer Vision (e.g. CVPR, IJCV), an important topic of today’s computer science. In 2014 he joined Huawei in Munich as a Research Engineer where he worked on artificial intelligence and computer vision till 2017. He is also the main inventor of a patent on behalf of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. In 2013 he co-founded ATIS and today he is also CEO of Matrix Digital LLC, the main technological partner of ATIS in Kosovo. The web is becoming more complex every day, and the scientific and high-tech industry experience of Thoma are an important added value for ATIS for keeping it competitive and innovative. With a clear vision for ATIS long-term business goals; he is committed to always find the way to translating insights into smart strategies and actions. Thoma has an extensive expertise in adapting management styles accordingly and is determined to preparing the next generation of ATIS for delivering inventive business-strategies and customer-oriented solutions. He is known as a proficient, strong-willed professional with high productivity and collaborative approach to streamline client services and processes.