Ermir Papadhimitri ATIS CEO

Ermir PapadhimitriErmir Papadhimitri is the founder of ATIS. He was graduated in electronic engineering at the University of Bologna in 2010, then returned in Albania where he worked for Vodafone, Epoka University and in 2013 decided to invest in the web industry founding ATIS, where he started to work with talented web designers, web developers and marketing specialists, and managed to make ATIS one of the best web agencies in Albania.

Ermir is the perfect example of what happens when talent merges with creativity, when you know what the World Wide Web hides and are aware of the infinite potential of the web. This way was born ATIS, a dynamic web agency mainly focused on outsourcing services in web development, graphic design and internet marketing.

Behind a website there is a world inhabited by characters that play many different roles such as Ermir Papadhimitri and the staff of ATIS, who make sure to offer to every client intelligent, quick and personalized solutions. Therefore, many clients trust us the creation from scratch not only of their websites but also of their online image, because today we are what the Internet says about us, and ATIS provides quality, confidence and product able to attract the attention of every user.