Posted in- November 21, 2014

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For more than eight years  Albania, the small country next door has served as a hometown to many Western businessmen driven away by the crisis over the Adriatic, Italian companies with different names but with the same scope, outsourcing.

What does really mean ” outsource ” or ” outsourcing” ? A concept , a term that is defined as a process through which the companies for a period of time established in the contract , give the operational management of one or more business functions to external suppliers . It must be said that in this process two basic parts are comprised: the outsourcee ( the company that outsources ) and the outsourcer. The relationship between these two is based on relations of the market and cooperation.

Who outsources in Albania?

Taking a brief look on the ads published in one of the most visited online job portal in Albania you can dare to say that Albania does not suffer  the crisis.

You can find many vacancies in “Call Centers”. The first announcement is from a company(always Italian) outsourcing, called SERVICE ITALY which is looking to hire immediately fifty Call center operators, another is even searching for 200 operators. MY CONTACT equally fifty. ALBACALL sh.a. now well-knowing the industry, being among the first to have entrusted its services to outbound telesales, following CALL VERBAL which furthermore is searching for operators in Pristina, Kosovo.

German CC is searching operators outsourcing for German companies. Others, like Tele-performance, IDS VODAFONE,VOD – CALL.CENTER, icsc.shpk, are offering services for Vodafone Italy.

But, they do not want only people who can speak Italian but also german, spanish and english. German CC search operators outsourcing for German companies. FACILE.IT search operators who can speak italian and spanish.

But who is the person working in call centers?

The required skills are almost the same: Good knowledge of the Italian language, good communication skills and basic computer skills. Students or graduates between 18-25 years who work to maintain and pay their studies, who speak almost fluent Italian though without an accent. An entire generation that learned the Italian language thanks to the television programs of RAI and Mediaset.

The outsourcing  has different forms. One of the different forms and new services in Albania are those                       offered by ATIS sh.p.k. Earlier in Albania has no one heard of these types of services. ATIS offer outsourcing for Italian clients, creations and optimization of web pages also include services such as E-mail Marketing , SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Web Design.

Why Albania?

Nowadays the second most spoken language is Italian.Taking a brief inspection on the region 63.2% of the population is of a working age, and having one of the youngest populations of Europe offers more “energy”.

Nearly 30,000 students per year are graduated in science, foreign languages ​​and IT. More than 50% of the population speaks Italian, and 30% of the population speaks Greek, 65 % has a good knowledge of English.

The only “negative” aspect of outsourcing could be the deterioration of the quality of services, but in this case the facts show a great willingness, qualified persons, directly reflecting in the quality of services. Furthermore, Albania has a very convenient tax system for the foreign investors.

Working right next door, in a flight distance of an hour, makes communication much easier. The culture is almost the same. Since its beginning this hosted initiative, has been proven to have an excellent performance, in coordination and confidence more than in anything else.

On the other hand, working in this area is considered to be easy and almost one in three students have experienced it, the salary is not high, but you can live with it, or better to say you can survive until the end of your studies or until you find a better job.

At least, though you should think twice before preparing your suitcase.