Posted in- November 21, 2014

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Political science, social work, law and psychology, resulted to be the most desired fields of study according to the responses of the applicants of the academic year 2006-2007 in Albania.

There has been an influx of students in these areas and this leads us to the conclusion that they were the most preferable subjects of study for the last decade. But it took several years to convince students that a small country such as Albania doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for jobs like, lawyers, journalists and social workers.

The bitter truth is that many of these students who have completed their studies in one of these areas are working in places that have nothing in common with their profession.

We noticed that the last two years things have started to change. It seems that now young people are more focused to the job market and they are more careful choosing the right areas, which won’t turn out to be a failure in the near future.

For some reasons students are turning their heads to sciences and technology. Maybe not as much as the previous choices, like social sciences etc, but we can say that this is a new trend. This may come as a result of political strategies for education.

The choices for computer science and information technology in universities is increased at least 30% this year. According to this, the opportunities to have a job are extended also abroad.

A graduated student in engineering or information technology can easily convert his degree and work abroad. Not forgetting that the technology is growing very fast and the demand for specialists in this field are always increasing. And this is not the only reasons, but also the salaries are higher for these kinds of professions.

The Ministry of Education recommended that for the year 2012-13 the education institutions must be concentrated on study programs, which enable students to work in the service sectors, such as trade and economic directions in the field of information technologies, technical sciences (electronics, textiles, radio – television, design, etc.), and in the exact sciences (such as mathematics, philosophy, physics, economics, etc.) to offer interdisciplinary programs.

Even though a small country, Albania every year prepares hundreds of students that are able to cover the areas of computer science and other areas of information technology. This shows that these students are able to start immediately to work in their profession after graduation.

Years ago, whistle you had a degree in a field for which the market was offering you choices of work, they would only hire people with experience and everyone was skeptical in regards to young graduates. They didn’t take in account the fact that even if you had the experience, in a time of continuous evolution, the experience is no longer valid, but what is important is the ability to learn fast.

In this regard, we can say that things are changing in Albania, if years ago, looking for a job immediately after graduation depended on your experience, now we see that for the young graduates is not the same situation.

Now the opportunities are immense. The ability to work in the technology area is not an issue for young Albanians. They are able to work and be useful in all areas of technology, computing, telecommunications, electronics engineering etc.

In the recent years, the Albanian students were very focused in computing, because the trend of the market and the need in this area are leading them through this choice.

Many of them are passionate about technology and development of these last, affects the choice for the future.

A world full of curiosity and constant daily contact with technology has increased the desire to discover, to become part and contribute in what are considered to be the most important branches in the entire world.

Graduation prepares you to open the doors to work, but will be your ability to find the right direction to keep you on the inside part of the door. Basis helps, but learning never ends.

Albanians are able to work in Albania where technological fields have reached their peak, as well as abroad.